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Washington County is home to 46 excellent community public schools that offer diverse learning opportunities. Students receive specialized instruction to meet their unique needs, skills, and abilities. Washington County Public Schools (WCPS) provides educational experiences designed to promote students to success beyond graduation.

Students can choose from diverse curriculum offerings in every school and innovative, signature programs in high school. Specialized opportunities include the Barbara Ingram School for the Arts, which is only one of two public arts schools in the state, Washington County Technical High School, and the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, as well as a variety of options for dual credit and articulating credit with the local community college. Schools offer a wide variety of Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) services, competitive Magnet programs, and advanced courses to provide challenging instruction to highly gifted students.

WCPS believes in building a foundation for learning early, with full-day, universal pre-k provided for every child. Educational tools are at the fingertips of each student, as each child receives a digital device throughout their academic career.

WCPS provides students with well-rounded learning experiences in and beyond the classroom, offering a wide range of extracurricular activities in high school athletics and performing arts. These programs are recognized for their excellence across the state. Parents are encouraged and welcomed to participate in their child’s education and school achievements.

School pride and inclusion of family runs deep in WCPS schools!

As an ongoing commitment to our great employees, WCPS offers a comprehensive benefits package that helps employees stay healthy, maintain a positive work/life balance and save for retirement. Our generous benefits package that is flexible enough to meet the needs of the newest and most seasoned employees – it helps our employees, retirees and their families safeguard and improve health, grow financial resources and enhance well-being. Check out some of the benefits we offer...

+ Paid training professional development

+ Supportive community of colleagues

+ Family culture work environment

+ Tuition reimbursement

+ Leave & medical benefits

+ Employee wellness supports

+ Get paid for life! Earn a pension!

From our school principals and licensed teachers, to our nutrition services staff and bus drivers...
We believe that every  employee touches the lives of our students and every employee contributes to their success!


Looking for Staff Changes? Please visit the Staff Changes under the Current Employees tab at the top of the WCPSHR home page.

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