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Current Employees

Whether you're a seasoned educator, an administrative staff member, or a maintenance worker, your contributions are integral to our shared mission! WCPS is committed to nurturing your passion for education, finding joy in your career, and providing opportunities for growth. 

Here, you'll find everything you need to navigate your career journey with us: 
Explore comprehensive information on your benefits package, including health insurance, retirement plans, and wellness programs. We believe in supporting your overall well-being so you can thrive both personally and professionally.
We understand that life can present challenges, and we're here to support you. Learn about our confidential counseling services, financial assistance programs, and other resources available to help you navigate life's ups and downs.
Easily access commonly used forms, documents, and HR resources to streamline administrative processes.
Your hard work and dedication deserve to be celebrated. We believe in acknowledging the outstanding contributions of our staff. Discover opportunities for recognition and appreciation within our district community, including honors such as Teacher of the Year and ESP of the Year.
Click here if you a prospective employee looking to explore new career opportunities within the district.
Have questions or need assistance - reach out to us by filling out a form or reach out to a HR representative.



Documents and Forms